We study various animal species from invertebrates to vertebrates

The Department of Zoology consists of the following three groups:


In the Science of Natural History Group, we advance the research of the function and mechanism of animal behavior, classification, systematics and biogeography of terrestrial and freshwater animals, and adaptation, speciation and diversity of insects and fish.


In the Zoological Science Group, we conduct research to clarify the molecular mechanism of animal development and evolution, determination of the complete genome sequences of basal chordates, and the mechanism of speciation and the restraint of gene-mutation.


In the Anthropology Group, we conduct behavioral and ecological researches on various primates such as Japanese macaques and great apes, morphological investigation of fossils of Hominoidea, and research on paleoenvironments, in order to clarify the position of Homo sapiens in nature and the process of its evolution.


Research Fields:
Systematic Zoology / Ethology / Animal Ecology / Developmental Biology / Stress Response Biology / Physical Anthropology / Human Evolution Studies