In the Department of Physics I, research and education are carried out in order to interpret the characteristic properties of materials such as the macro-aggregate of atoms and molecules from the standpoint of modern physics in both experimental and theoretical approaches.


Research and educational activities are conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Chemical Research, the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, and the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, in addition to the core courses, which consist of the following experimental and theoretical studies:


Research Fields:

  • Core Courses:
    Physics of Disordered Systems / Quantum Optics / Low Temperature Physics / Solid State Spectroscopy / Quantum Materials / Electronic Properties of Solids / Dissipative and Life physics / Softmatter Physics / Nonlinear Dynamics / Theory of Condensed Matter Physics / Phase Transition Dynamics / Fluid Physics / Nonequilibrium Dynamics
  • Cooperation Courses:
    Atomic and Molecular Physics / Nanophotonics/ Neutron Scattering / Physics of Matter (Statistical Dynamics, Condensed Matter Physics)

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