The Department of Geology and Mineralogy is composed of four groups; Geotectonics, Material Science of the Earth, Historical Geoscience of the Biosphere and Correlation Geochemistry.


In the Department of Geology and Mineralogy, researches are characterized by decoding the record of past events and elucidating the history of Earth and planet, through observation and analysis of sediments, rocks, minerals, and fossils, from the field and indoor experiments, within the context of Earth’s and planetary evolution. Therefore, the curriculum is designed so that students can systematically acquire the advanced knowledge and analytical methods of each field.


Research Fields:
Geotectonics / Earth and Planetary Matrial Science (Petrology, Mineralogy) / Historical Geoscience of the Biosphere (Paleoenvironmental Studies, Tectonics and Paleontology) / Cosmochemistry and Geochemistry