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The tiger keelback (Rhabdophis tigrinus) possesses unusual structures known as nuchal glands in the skin of the dorsal neck. Nuchal glands may contain potent cardiac steroids (bufadienolides) that are secreted when this species is attacked by a predator. The unique anti-predator behaviors of R. tigrinus, such as exposing the neck and neck butting, are presumably associated with the chemical defense of the nuchal glands. Caution: R. tigrinus is not only poisonous but also venomous. It is opisthoglyphous (rear-fanged), and its bite can be fatal to humans.



Prefecture Kyoto Use of Microscope Don't Use
Region Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University Use of Automatic Shooting Devices Don't Use
Shooting Date 2012/9/15 Use of Fluorescent Probe Don't Use
Shooting Time 12:07 Use of Infrared Don't Use
Photographer Yosuke KOJIMA Shooting Interval (Sec.) ---
Copyright Holder Yosuke KOJIMA Shooting Speed 標準

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