ZWINGMANN, Horst Friedrich August

ZWINGMANN, Horst Friedrich August


漢字 フリガナ
ZWINGMANN, Horst Friedrich August ツウィングマン ホースト


部局 所属 講座等 職名
理学研究科 地球惑星科学専攻 地球鉱物学教室 地球テクトニクス講座 教授


horst (at)



As a geologist my research is focused on the quantification and formation of brittle deformation zones, clay mineralogical and diagenetic processes, applying low temperature geochemistry and geochronology.



My long-term research interests are focused on
- low temperature geochemical processes and the behaviour of isotopes in the earth surface realm covering weathering, diagenesis in sedimentary basins to low-grade metamorphic terrains;
- clay mineralogy;
- structural geology and investigation of surface tectonic processes and constraining timing of brittle fault zones.



Tectonic processes including brittle fault zones exert an important control on numerous geological processes important to mankind comprising such as (1) regional correlation of shallow fault activity, of critical importance in neotectonic studies, (2) for hydrocarbon exploration, as faults may act as either a conduit zone or a seal for fluids and/or hydrocarbons; (3) CO2 sequestration, (4) civil engineering and the evaluation of earthquake hazards and (5) in accessing the suitability of sites for waste storage including nuclear waste.
Reliable mineral separation, mineral characterization and age dating methods are required to constrain the timing of neotectonic faults zones.



Geology, low temperature geochemistry, geochronology, clay mineralogy,earthquake evaluation



As an active researcher I welcome the opportunity to apply and develop teaching and research projects focussing on brittle deformation, diagenesis and clay mineralogy and invite students and colleagues from Japan and abroad to contact me.