Yuji Matsuda

Yuji Matsuda



Yuji Matsuda


Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Physics and Astronomy   Professor


matsuda (at) scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp


Research Topics

Strongly correlated quantum many body systems including superconductor, quantum magnets and quantu spin systems


Overview of your research

 Improving the understanding of strongly correlated quantum many-body systems such as interacting electrons and spins is one of the most important challenges in modern condensed matter physics.  We are interested in exotic phonomena observed in superconductivity, magnetism and quantum spin systems.  We investigate theses fields through the experimets of transport properties at low temperature in strong magnetic fields, scanning tunneling microscopy, and nano-fabrications.


Fields of research (key words)

srongly correlated electrons, superconductivity, magnetism, quantum spin system, low temperature