Toshitaka Tatsumi

Toshitaka Tatsumi



Toshitaka Tatsumi


Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Physics and Astronomy   Assistant Professor

Research Topics

Study of QCD phase diagram and compact star phenomena, based on hadron-quark many body dynamics


Overview of your research

I have been studying the properties of hadron and/or quark many-body systems in the extreme conditions such as high temperature or high density. My study is a theoretical one and based on the microscopic theory of QCD. I am now trying to understand the compact star phenomena by using the theoretical results. This research is an interdisciplinary one of nuclear physics, condensed-matter physics and astrophysics.


Fields of research (key words)

High-Density QCD, Hadronic Astrophysics, Chiral symmetry, Phase transition, Pasta structure, Nuclei, Quark matter