Stephan Thuermer

Stephan Thuermer


Stephan Thuermer

Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Chemistry   Associate Professor


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Research Topics

- Electron transport and electron scattering in liquid water
- Electronic structure, chemical interaction, and photo-induced dynamics of molecules in aqueous solution
- Spectroscopy of non-aqueous solutions
- Development of new spectroscopic tools for application to the liquid phase


Overview of your research

My research interest is on the electronic structure of liquid water and aqueous solution, ultrafast dynamic processes in solution, as well as electron emission and transport processes in the liquid phase. For example, questions like what changes occur in the solvation shell structure around a solvent molecule after ionization and how excess energy is dissipated play an important role in photoinduced chemical processes but also for radiation damage in biological systems. The electronic structure and involved dynamics of a molecular system can be inferred most directly with UV and X-ray spectroscopic techniques. In my studies, I conduct X-ray spectroscopic experiments, such as photoelectron spectroscopy, at large-scale light source facilities.


Fields of research (key words)

physical chemistry, photoelectron spectroscopy, soft-X-ray spectroscopy, liquids and aqueous solutions