Tetsuya Aruga

Tetsuya Aruga



Tetsuya Aruga


Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Chemistry   Professor




Research Topics

My research interest lies in the electronic properties of solid surfaces and two-dimensional materials fabricated on the surfaces as well as in the dynamical processes such as phase transitions and transport in these matters.


Overview of your research

Graphene, which is a single-layer carbon exfoliated from graphite, was found to have a peculiar two-dimensional electron system often called the Dirac electrons. The discovery had a great impact on the electronics. My recent research is concentrated on the properties of two-dimensional electronic systems fabricated on semiconductor surfaces. Outcomes include the discovery of highly Rashba spin-split metallic surface states on a semiconductor surface, spin-split surface states localized in the subsurface region of germanium and its metallization, first-order phase-transition mechanism for one-dimensional indium chains on silicon, anomalous electrical conduction in a lead monolayer on germanium.


Fields of research (key words)

surface chemistry, surface physics