Takashi Sakajo

Takashi Sakajo



Takashi Sakajo


Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences   Professor




Research Topics

My research interests are in understanding nonlinear dynamical phenomena observed in the evolutions of incompressible fluid motions;


Overview of your research

The topics I am intersted in are as follows.
(1) Dissipative weak solutions of the Euler equations and turbulence
(2) Vortex Dynamics (on sphere/in multiply connected domains)
(3) Singularity formation and long-time behavior of vortex sheets
(4) Mathematical analysis for models for 3D Navier-Stokes and Euler equations
(5) Topological chaos appearing in the turbulent flow
(6) Two-dimensional turbulence and statistical property of point vortices


Fields of research (key words)

Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis