Susumu Nishimura

Susumu Nishimura



Susumu Nishimura


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Graduate School of Science Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences   Associate Professor



Research Topics

Theory of Programming Language


Overview of your research

I study the theory of programming languages, which develops the semantics of computer programs (how they work) and analyses the behaviour of them on a firm mathematical ground.
By the recent emergence of computers thoughout the society, there is a crucial demand for the safe reliable computer systems. However, the reality is that we are surrounded by imperfect systems that may cause severe damages. It is difficult to consturct a reliable computer system and even to write a computer program correctly. For the sake of methodlogy for building correct and safe computer programs and systems, we need a deep understanding on the behaviour of progrmas, to which the theory of programming languages can significantly contribute.


Fields of research (key words)

Computer Science