Shunsuke Yamana

Shunsuke Yamana



Shunsuke Yamana


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Kyoto University The Hakubi Project Mathematics   program-specific assistant professor

Research Topics

Automorphic forms and L-functions


Overview of your research

One of the most important themes in modern mathematics is the study of functions, called L-functions or zeta functions. The Riemann zeta function, for instance, is the most famous L-function. It is known that the knowledge of zeros of the Riemann zeta function is crucial to unravel a rather mysterious problem: how are prime numbers distributed? Besides prime numbers, we can define L-functions for various mathematical objects, enabling us to deduce their deep properties from analysis of the L-functions. Since Shunsuke was fascinated by L-functions while writing his thesis, he has been investigating L-functions mainly by analytic methods, but the study of L-functions involves a wide range of fields. He will try to find a new aspect of the theory by studying L-functions also from both algebraic and geometric viewpoints.


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