Naoyuki Iwabe

Naoyuki Iwabe



Naoyuki Iwabe


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Graduate School of Science Biological Sciences   Assistant Professor



Research Topics

A study for relationship between organismal evolution and molecular evolution.


Overview of your research

One of the greatest, and yet unsolved, problems in evolutionary biology is to understand the relationship between evolution at the organismal level and that at the molecular level. In order to understand the possible relationship between the evolution of metazoan multicellularity and the diversification of genes, I have compared the genome sequences of choanoflagellates, most closely related unicellular protists to animals, with those of many metazoans including Porifera (sponge), Placozoa (Trichoplax adhaerens), and Cnidaria (sea anemone and hydra) and have inferred many molecular phylogenetic trees to estimate the divergence times of gene family members by gene duplicatons and domain shufflings.


Fields of research (key words)

Molecular Evolution