Keiji Maruoka

Keiji Maruoka



Keiji Maruoka


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Graduate School of Science Chemistry   Professor

Research Topics

Development of Organocatalytic Chemistry


Overview of your research

The environmentally-benign organocatalysis has recently emerged as a field of research providing practical alternative or complementary technologies to the more traditional transition metal catalyzed systems. Accordingly, Maruoka has rationally designed various environmentally-benign chiral organocatalysts, and some of them are found to be quite useful in a practical manner for the development of environmentally-benign asymmetric organic transformations. For example, Nagase Co. Ltd. utilizes Simplified Maruoka CatalystR for the large-scale production (up to several hundred kilograms) of artificial amino acids for preparing pharmaceutically important starting materials and intermediates.


Fields of research (key words)

Organocatalyst; Green Chemistry; Maruoka CatalystR; artificial amino acid