Keiichi Maeda

Keiichi Maeda



Keiichi Maeda


Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Physics and Astronomy   Associate Professor

Research Topics

Astrophysics (Supernovae, Astronomical Transient Phenomena, Stellar Physics)


Overview of your research

I am conducting research in astronomy, specifically stellar physics, supernovae, and transient events in our Universe. I am also aiming at understanding the origins of major contents in our Universe, namely the elements, dust grains and cosmic rays, for which the above mentioned phenomena are largely responsible. In doing this, synergy between theory and observation is especially an focused area. In the theory side, keywords include fluid dynamics, nucleosynthesism radiation transfer and numerical simulations. In the observational side, these incldue multi-wavelength and multi-mode observatinos. International collaboration is a key in my research and educational activities.


Fields of research (key words)

Throretical Astrophysics, Observational Astronomy, Stellar Physics