Hiroshi Sugiyama

Hiroshi Sugiyama



Hiroshi Sugiyama


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Graduate School of Science Chemistry   Professor

Research Topics

Chemical Biology of DNA


Overview of your research

Professor Sugiyama's research interests involve the bioorganic chemistry of nucleic acids. Using the tools of synthetic physical organic chemistry and molecular biology, the Sugiyama group is defining the chemical principles underlying the recognition, reactivity and structure of nucleic acids. There are no other research groups on such a general and fundamental aspect of nucleic acids as a substance.The group utilizes a chemical approach in following areas: Molecular mechanism of DNA modification by DNA base alkylation, hydrogen abstraction and charge transfer. Design of highly efficient sequence-specific DNA acting agents based on understanding of the action mechanism of antitumor antibiotics. Design of unnatural nucleic acid for understanding of nucleic acid structure and function. Development of a method probing DNA local conformation in vivo. The long-range goal is creation of artificial genetic switches for targeted cell differentiation and treatment of many diseases.


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