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Graduate School of Science Division of Chemistry Solid-state Chemistry Laboratory Professor


kitagawa (at) kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp





Personal Profile

I am interested in cooperative quantum properties that protons and electrons show in solid materials, such as ferromagnetism and superconductivity. Recently, I am also interested in investigating hydrogen storage, super-protonic conductivity and the photolysis of water. This focus covers a wide range of materials, from organic to inorganic matter, such as transition metal complexes, metal nanoparticles, coordination polymers and mixed-valence compounds.


Research Topics

  • Low-dimensional electron systems situated on dimensional crossover region.
  • Solid-state protonics using MOFs and SurMOFs, and nano-ionics using nanomaterials.
  • Creation of Novel Solid-Solution Alloy Nanoparticles on the Basis of Density-of-States Engineering by Interelement Fusion.
  • Molecular conductors and conducting MOFs.

Overview of your research

In this century, the emergence of new molecular devices which have the diversity and flexibility of biological systems is increasingly expected to occur. Although research of the basic concepts of these systems is still underway, we believe that innovative exploration into the fusion of electrons and protons may lead to novel breakthroughs. In our laboratory we are studying both quantum mechanical electronic phases (superconducting, magnetic, ferroelectric, metallic and insulating phases) and ionic phases (superionic and quantum paraelectric phases, and tunnelling phenomena). In order to establish a foundation for the design of novel devices, we seek to utilize the diversity of electronic and ionic states. We seek to create a diverse range of new materials with unique crystal structures and electronic states in order to discover interesting functionalities based on phenomena such as the quantum-size effect, non-linear electrical conductivity, dielectric response or a variety of fluctuation effects. Our central focus is mainly on inorganic compounds which have interesting features. We investigate materials such as: low-dimensional strongly correlated electron systems; mixed valence compounds with a strong negative U-interaction; charge transfer compounds; metal-organic frameworks; nanoparticles; organic conductors; hydrogen storage materials; super-ionic conducting materials; etc.


Fields of research (key words)

Solid-state Chemistry, Cooedination Chemistry, Molecukar Science, Inorganic Chemistry