Atsuko K. Ichikawa

Atsuko K. Ichikawa



Atsuko K. Ichikawa


Primary department

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Graduate School of Science Physics and Astronomy High Energy Physics laboratory Associate Professor


ichikawa (at)




Personal Profile

Elementary particle physics is a field aiming to understand the origin of matter and the universe. I'm working on the experimental elementary particle physics.


Research Topics

My main research goal is to fully understand the property of neutrino, which may be a key to understand the origin of the universe.


Overview of your research

I'm now working on two topics:
(1) Exploring CP violation by accelerator-based long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.
(2) Searching for the neutrino-less double beta decay to investigate whether neutrino is a Majorana particle or not.
Both are very important subjects to understand the origin of our matter-dominant universe.


Fields of research (key words)

Elementary particle physics, Neutrino, Universe


Message from the Researcher

Researchers in the elementary particle physics field is trying to scientifically understand why our universe and we exist. Experimentalists in this field builds huge or very precise equipments. One, who have an expertise on building such equipments, would also enjoy the physics in a daily life.