Aki Takigawa

Aki Takigawa



Aki Takigawa


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Kyoto University The Hakubi Project Earth and Planetary Sciences   program-specific assistant professor

Research Topics

Formation and Evolution of Circumstellar Dust: From Evoleved Stars to the Early Solar System


Overview of your research

Primitive meteorites contain a trace amount of survivors of circumstellar dust (small solid particles) condensed around evolved stars prior to the birth of the solar system (presolar grains). The presolar grains may record formation and alteration processes in the circumstellar and interstellar environments. Circumstellar dust are freshly forming around evolved stars today and can be observed with ground-based and space infrared telescopes. I aim to reveal the formation and evolution history of the precursor materials of the solar system by combining the analytical and observational studies on presolar grains and circumstellar dust, respectively, with laboratory experiments of the dust formation processes under circumstellar conditions.


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