Department of Physics II

Department of Physics II

The Department of Physics II aims to clarify the universal and fundamental laws of nature, from micro-systems to the macro world. The main goals thereby are to advance theoretical and experimental research of basic physics in elementary particles, atomic nuclei and the Universe, as well as to promote graduate student education.

Research and educational activities are conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Chemical Research, the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, and the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, in addition to the following core courses:


Research Fields:

  • Core Courses:
    Theoretical Particle Physics / Nuclear Theory / Theoretical Astrophysics / High Energy Physics (particle experiments) / Experimental Nuclear and Hadronic Physics / Cosmic Ray Physics (experiments and observations)
  • Cooperation Courses:
    Fundamental Physics / Accelerator Beam Physics / Laser Matter Interaction Science / Nuclear Reaction Physics / Nuclear Beam Material Science

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