Kiso Biological Station

Kiso Biological Station

The exterior of the station

The Kiso Biological Station is located in Fukushima, Kiso, Nagano (a 15-minute walk from Japan Railway Kiso-Fukushima Station) and serves as a facility for field biology studies.


History: It dates back to 1926 when Dr Tamiji Kawamura, then professor of animal physiology and ecology at Department of Zoology, started planning a new base for forestry and stream biology research. With the land and building donated by the local government of then Fukushima-cho, the Kiso Biological Station opened its door in 1933. Extensive renovations in 1988 made it the way it is now. Studies in various fields of biology such as aquatic entomology, mammalogy and botany have been carried out at this off-campus facility.


Capacity: It accommodates up to 15 people with two laboratories and two guest rooms.


Operation: A locally hired staff member looks after the day-to-day running of the station such as bedding and dining.


Related fields of study:
animal ecology, systematic zoology, plant systematics