Institute for Geothermal Sciences

Institute for Geothermal Sciences

Introduction and Policy Outline of the Facilities

The Institute for Geothermal Sciences was launched in 1997 for the purpose of "research and education of thermal structure and thermal phenomena, from Earth’s crust to its mantle," by integrating both the Beppu Geophysical Research Laboratory (in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture: established in 1924) and the Aso Volcanological Laboratory (in Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture: established in 1928).


The facilities in Beppu serve as the headquarters, and those in Aso are referred to as the Volcanological Research Center, while the branch institute is located in Kyoto. All three facilities promote both educational and research activities.


We recognize the premise that "the earth is a huge thermomotor ,which converts its internal thermal energy into the crustal phenomena of diastrophism, seismic activity, volcanic activity, and terrestrial heat hot spring activity and the like." We therefore aim to promote comprehensive earth science research concerning geothermal activity, by making the best use of our geographical advantage, and emphasizing observation, surveys, and experiments in the central part of Kyushu Island ,which is considered "a huge experimental facility" of geothermal activity.


Research Fields:
Geothermal Sciences / Physical Volcanology / One segment of the field of Hydrological Geophysics, Seismology, Electromagnetism of the Earth’s Interior, and Active Tectonics