Non-matriculated Admissions
(Graduate, Undergraduate)

Non-matriculated Admissions
(Graduate, Undergraduate)

Application packets for April and October 2018 enrollment are available at the Student Affairs Office (located at the GSS building #6 on the ground floor).


Application Periods: Applications documents will be accepted also at the Student Affairs Office during the following periods:


Non-matriculated research studentship

  • April 2018 Enrollment: 1–2 February 2018, 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00.*
  • October 2018 Enrollment: 2–3 August 2018, 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00.*

*The same applies to those seeking to extend the education period at the Graduate School of Science.


If you reside in other countries than Japan, please consult the Student Affairs Office at:


Non-matriculated studentship (undergraduate-level)

  • April 2018 Enrollment: 7–8 February 2018, 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00.
  • October 2018 Enrollment: 6–7 August 2018, 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00.

Non-matriculated studentship (graduate-level)

  • April 2018 Enrollment: 22–23 January 2018, 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00.
  • October 2018 Enrollment: 26–27 July 2018, 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00.

Applicants who graduated from universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan and who intend to apply for the status of a research student, master’s student, or doctoral student are advised to begin the AAO application procedure prior to beginning the graduate admissions process. For further details, please refer to the following links:


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Traditional Chinese